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25.11.2018 14:13:00 (comments: 0)

A New Sundial

A new fantastic sundial...

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30.09.2018 18:47:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial

A wonderful new sundial with birds..

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21.09.2018 19:00:00 (comments: 0)

Sundials in the TV

RTL Hessen broadcast

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09.09.2018 17:07:00 (comments: 0)

Our Sundials in the TV

Broadcast about our sundials in SAT 1

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05.08.2018 18:37:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial

This beautiful copper-colored sundial can be found...

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29.07.2018 19:10:00 (comments: 0)

Report about Birkenau

The train magazine reports about Birkenau.

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01.07.2018 18:13:00 (comments: 0)

A Satellite Dish

A satellite dish is a sundial.

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23.06.2018 17:43:00 (comments: 0)

Again a New Sundial

A swinging  sundial

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22.06.2018 19:32:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial

A new sundial made of wrought-iron.

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29.04.2018 11:15:00 (comments: 0)

Spring-cleaning in the Sundial Garden

The spring-cleaning action made the sundials ready for the sun.

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02.04.2018 17:20:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial Made from Brass

A new sundial made from brass is looking for the spring.

22.12.2017 18:20:00 (comments: 0)

Two New Sundials

Two new sundials were constructed...

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03.12.2017 18:43:00 (comments: 0)

Certificate for the PENNY Sundial

The new designed sundial at the PENNY supermarket got a certificate.

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30.10.2017 17:27:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundials

Birkenau has two new sundials..

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08.10.2017 18:40:00 (comments: 0)

The Sundial Garden is Completed

The sundial garden is officially inaugurated now.

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09.09.2017 15:33:00 (comments: 0)

New Fruity Sundial

This new impressive sundial at Edeka market shows the right time for lunch.

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23.08.2017 22:09:00 (comments: 0)

The Sundial Garden

The sundial garden is under progress.

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30.07.2017 20:01:00 (comments: 0)

Sun and Fun at the Holiday Activities

The children had a lot of fun in the sun.

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21.07.2017 15:50:00 (comments: 0)

Renewed PENNY Sundial

The PENNY sundial shines in a renewed splendor

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25.06.2017 17:22:00 (comments: 0)

A Monument for Otto Seile

A new monument reminds of Otto Seile, the founder of the sundials in Birkenau.

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09.04.2017 15:51:00 (comments: 0)

The most Colorful Sundial of Birkenau

This wonderful sundial is made of about 700  crown caps.

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21.01.2017 15:52:00 (comments: 0)

New Sandstone Sundial found

This extraordinary sandstone sundial adds to the Birkenau sundial collection.

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18.12.2016 17:52:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial in the Old Town

A new sundial in the old town of Birkenau is the latest one.

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12.11.2016 19:32:00 (comments: 0)

Birkenau is the Sundial Hotspot!

The national weekly newspaper Die Zeit has derived an illustrated map of the distribution of the sundials in Germany:.

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11.09.2016 19:24:00 (comments: 0)

Again a New Sundial

This new sundial decorates the home for elderly people

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04.09.2016 18:53:00 (comments: 0)

Sunny Vacation Games

On a sunny day the kids of Birkenau constructed their own sundial with the help of the tool "Birkenau sundial angle".

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08.08.2016 19:59:00 (comments: 0)

Sundial Number 133

The new sundial is made of stone.

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26.06.2016 17:35:00 (comments: 0)

Again a New Sundial

Birkenau has one more sundial- the wrought-iron sundial is located in a garden.

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22.06.2016 21:27:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial in the Garden

A new equatorial sundial was erected in a wonderful garden, with the DGC number 17668.

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05.06.2016 20:17:00 (comments: 0)

New Crest Sundial was baptized

The new crest sundial was baptized to the number 17650 of the German Society for Chronometry.

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05.05.2016 11:25:00 (comments: 0)

Hunter´s Sundial is Finished!

The hunter´s sundial, Birkenaus biggest sundial...

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02.04.2016 19:29:00 (comments: 0)

Here is the new sundial

Ready for Easter, the new sundial decorates the house in Hauptstraße 72 in Birkenau

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25.03.2016 19:07:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial in Birkenau

We constructed a new sundial in Birkenau

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17.01.2016 17:46:00 (comments: 0)

Gardener Sundial Vanished

Unfortunately the Gardener Sundial vanished.

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06.12.2015 18:48:00 (comments: 0)

New Old Sundial

A new old sundial was discovered...

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20.09.2015 16:57:00 (comments: 0)

The Knitted Sundial is Ready

Now the knitted sundial is ready and can be seen at the restaurant Gasthof Zum Engel in Birkenau

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16.08.2015 08:57:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial Sticker

The new sticker „Village of Sundials“ ist available for 1,00 € in many shops in Birkenau.

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22.07.2015 20:05:00 (comments: 0)

Knitted Sundial

The knitted sundial was installed at the restaurant Zum Engel in Birkenau.

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12.07.2015 19:45:00 (comments: 0)

The Knitted Sundial

On Tuesday, July 14th at 3 pm  the event takes place,

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24.06.2015 18:39:00 (comments: 0)

Vacation Activities in August

On August 29th children can participate in vacation activities with sundials.


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04.06.2015 18:01:00 (comments: 0)

Sundial Walk at Picknick in Pink

The Birkenauer Sundial Society offered two nice walks during the Picknick in Pink event.

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28.05.2015 19:34:00 (comments: 0)

Picknick in Pink - we take part

On sunday, May 31st in 2015 we take part in the event Picknick in Pink, at the townhall in Birkenau. We offer two sundial walks at 1.15 pm and 4 pm for free...


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09.05.2015 17:34:00 (comments: 0)

2nd Place at Homepage Contest

Our website got the second prize at a homepage contest of a big German computer magazine.

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12.04.2015 12:01:00 (comments: 0)

First Sundial Workshop in Birkenau

The participants of the first sundial workshop in Birkenau present their selfmade models.

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03.04.2015 15:19:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial as a Present

The Birkenau sundial society was very pleased to get a brand-new steel sundial as a present from Gerhard Scheuermann. The event took place at the Gray with PEP mart on Sunday March 15th in 2015. Newspaper article

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16.03.2015 20:50:00 (comments: 0)

Action at Gray with PEP

The booth of the Birkenau sundial society at the event Gray with PEP was full of activities:


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28.02.2015 18:02:00 (comments: 0)

Event Gray with PEP on March 15th

The Birkenau sundial society takes part in the event Gray with PEP  on sunday, March 15th, from 11 am to 6 pm in Birkenau, Südhessenhalle.

Grau mit PEP

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14.02.2015 19:01:00 (comments: 0)

Workshop: Build your Own Sundial

Now our workshop is fixed, it will be on April 11th in 2015, 10 am to appr. 3 pm in Birkenau.

If you are interested in how a sundial may function and how to build one on your own, you should attend this workshop.

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26.11.2014 22:57:00 (comments: 0)

Planned Workshop: Build your own Sundial

In spring 2015 we will organize a workshop where you can build your own sundial.

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04.08.2014 20:50:00 (comments: 0)

Old Sundial Discovered

This sundial, declared as lost, was found again and decorates the garden.

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05.07.2014 20:48:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial

The children in the Kindergarden "Zum guten Hirten" created a wonderful sundial.

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10.05.2014 17:55:00 (comments: 0)

Booth at the Day of Open Gardens

The sundial society Birkenau has a booth at the Day of Open Gardens on May 25th, 2014 in Birkenau.

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29.03.2014 18:34:00 (comments: 0)

Birkenau Sundials on the TV

If you missed the broadcast of Birkenau sundials yesterday, you can watch them here.

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28.03.2014 16:59:00 (comments: 0)

Today at 7 pm: Birkenau Sundials on the TV

Today at 7 pm  the Birkenau sundials wil be on the TV. The  Hessischer Rundfunk will broadcast its weather program Alle Wetter and shows the Birkenau sundials.

25.03.2014 21:19:00 (comments: 0)

Sundial Society Birkenau was founded

On March 14th in 2014 the new Sundial Society Birkenau was founded with 11 members. More information..

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22.02.2014 18:48:00 (comments: 0)

Establishment of the Birkenau Sundial Scociety

The new Birkenau Sundial Scociety will be etablished on March 14th 2014. For more information see here.

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23.12.2013 17:00:00 (comments: 0)

Award for Sundial Tours

Adolf Frei, who is responsible for the sundial tours in Birkenau, was awarded the prize for voluntary service.



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19.08.2013 17:25:00 (comments: 0)

Guided Sundial Tours

Would you like to see the most beautiful sundials in a guided tour?

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13.07.2013 19:23:00 (comments: 0)

The Forger´s Sundial is back

After a long time of renovating the forgers´s sundial is back again.

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10.07.2013 21:17:00 (comments: 0)

Sundial No. 125

The 125th sundial was found in Lettenweg.

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30.06.2013 19:09:00 (comments: 0)

Here comes the latest sundial...

Found in Nieder-Liebersbach.

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18.05.2013 18:05:00 (comments: 0)

Revelation of a New Sundial

The 123rd sundial was revealed in the new „Silent Oasis“ in Birkenau.

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29.03.2013 18:11:00 (comments: 0)

Meeting of the German Sundial Society

The German Sundial Society will meet in Heppenheim and Birkenau from May 9th till May 12 in 2013.

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27.01.2013 14:58:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial!

The latest sundial in Birkenau was found today in Königsberger Street 1!

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22.12.2012 18:10:00 (comments: 0)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all friends of sundials!

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25.10.2012 20:30:00 (comments: 0)

New Sundial

The 120th sundial was found in Birkenau, Am Brückenacker!

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19.08.2012 15:07:00 (comments: 0)

New Hyperlinks

Take a look in our collection of hyperlinks.

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01.01.2012 15:32:00 (comments: 0)

Sundial Calendar 2012

The Kulturverein has published a sundial Calendar for 2012

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30.07.2011 18:02:00 (comments: 0)

The Great Sundial Day!

On July 9th, the great sundial day took place in Scheuermann´s shop in Birkenau.

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26.06.2011 15:49:00 (comments: 0)

103 Sundials – let´s Celebrate!

103 Sundials – let´s Celebrate! Come to our great event on July 9th, 10-12 am

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06.02.2011 18:20:00 (comments: 0)

4-3-2-1-one hundred!

Still four sundials are missing…

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09.01.2011 17:23:00 (comments: 0)

New at Facebook

From now on you can see and judge our website at FACEBOOK.

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07.05.2010 19:31:00 (comments: 0)

The Birkenau Sundial Cube

Get your personal sundial cube at the Historical Market in Birkenau

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07.02.2010 17:06:00 (comments: 0)

Historical Market in Birkenau

4. Historical Market in the castle park of Birkenau, from May 28th till 30th in 2010

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01.01.2010 00:00:00 (comments: 0)

New Design

The website of Sonnenuhren Birkenau has a new layout.

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