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Up to now we have   196  existing sundials.

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196 sundials found.
ID Type Street House number Picture Details
205 Vertical sundial Bahnhofstraße Sonnenuhrengarten Gebetsuhr-k.JPG Details
206 Vertical sundial Bahnhofstraße Sonnenuhrengarten Doppeluhr-k Details
207 Equatorial sundial Am Binsenberg 6 AmBinsenberg6-SU1.JPG Details
208 Vertical sundial Am Binsenberg 6 AmBinsenberg6-SU2k.JPG Details
209 Equatorial sundial Königsberger Straße 11 Koenigsberger11-zk.JPG Details
210 Vertical sundial Ziegeleiweg 25 Ziegeleiweg21-k.JPG Details
211 Equatorial sundial Im Gründel 4 ImGruendel4-k.JPG Details
212 Vertical sundial Bahnhofstraße 1 Bahnhofstrasse1-k-Satelliten-SU-Scheuermann.JPG Details
213 Equatorial sundial Danziger Straße 9 Danziger-9-3.JPG Details
214 Vertical sundial Dr. Johannes-Stöhr-Straße 9 Dr-J-Stoehr-Str9-Dunant-DRK-BIR-k Details
215 Vertical sundial Dr-Johannes-Stöhr-Straße 9 Dr-Joh-Stoehr-Str9-Sued-k.JPG Details
216 Vertical sundial Am Grohberg 4 Grohberg4-k Details
217 Equatorial sundial Am Hang 3 AmHang3zk.JPG Details
218 Equatorial sundial Am Binsenberg 6 AmBinsenberg6-SU3 Details
219 Vertical sundial Im Herrengarten 2 Im-Herrengarten2-1k.JPG Details
220 Equatorial sundial Am Farrenrott 11 Am-Farrenrott-11-2k Details